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Earn the title of 
Blue Vase Hunter

What is Blue Vase Hunter training?

In 1921, Peter B. Kyne wrote a book entitled "The Go-Getter." In this story, a World War I veteran has to overcome seemingly impossible challenges in his hunt for a coveted blue vase that represents the difference between success and failure.  His tenacity, hunger, and go-getter attitude are symbolized by the blue vase.  Those same values make up the core of the Blue Vase Hunter training.

Each participant will receive:

-Success mindset books
-Their own Blue Vase
-Graduation Certificate
-Vase Hunter Shirt
-Leadership block wooden board
-Goal card
-Self affirmation card
-Personality test
-Relationship test
-"Run the Gauntlet" challenge
-12 month positive association plan
-Upon completion, earn the title of Blue Vase Hunter and be welcomed into the Blue Vase Hunters group
-Access to special Vase Hunter events and motivational emails

This training has been covered extensively by local news media and is making an impact.  To learn more about Brock and his credentials, click on the "Our Founder" tab above left.

A Group of Vase Hunters standing shoulder-to-shoulder, committing to standards and having a good time doing it!

Blue Vase Hunter Team #46 celebrates their successes together!

A group of Blue Vase Hunters hurdle a fiery finish line while completing a Spartan Race together in May 2015

Brock speaks and present a copy of his book to MSgt Lujan, now retired veteran, business owner, and Blue Vase Hunter

A few quick testimonials:

"I have never felt closer to my team.  I understand them better.  I really got to know and accept some team members that I wasn't close to.  We now build each other up DAILY!" 

~Penny Johnson, Troy City Schools principal (Hook Elementary)

"This is the best leadership/team building training I have experienced.  It has pushed me toward my goals and provided a closer relationship with my colleagues."  

~ Dave Dilbone, Principal

"When I began working with Brock at Gauntlet Development, my only goal was to develop my leadership skills for my job.  After our first session, I was inspired to not limit myself, rather I should work to become the best person possible in all areas of my life. Through the Blue Vase Hunter Program, I was able to learn techniques that included, but are not limited to; communicating  well with others, learning how others perceive me, goal setting –goal FINISHING, and various ways to continue improving myself throughout life.  There is no doubt in my mind, that I am a better leader for my company thanks to this program, but more importantly, I’m an all-around better person."

~Dustin K., Manufacturing Supervisor 

"I have been involved in leadership/accountability events for 40 years, but never have I been so impacted as I was today with Brock.

~Steve Staley, Koverman-Staley-Dickerson Insurance

The Three Types of Blue Vase Hunter programs:

1. For Organizations and Companies

No Power Point.  No lecture.  This is a full 8-hour course plus a graduation ceremony.  The training is completed in one day or can be broken into two days.

This is more than training.  This is an experience.  Participants will be instructed in many areas vital to their success within your group, including personal development, outlook/attitude, sales, goal-setting, people skills, leadership, working with others and communication, appreciation and energy/execution.

The training is hands-on, with many activities and large amounts of interaction.  Treat your employees or group members to this exciting training, and watch them move forward!

*A light breakfast, snacks, and a full lunch will be provided.

2. For Individuals

For individuals, the training is structured differently.  You will undergo a 5-week success coaching program, which is broken down into four 3-hour sessions plus a graduation ceremony and dinner, which is included.

That breaks down to 15 hours of one-on-one coaching that covers topics such as career planning, people skills, networking, relationships, expanding your dreams and accomplishing goals, and taking life to the next level in all areas.  In addition to everything listed above and left, you will receive multiple success books, chosen specifically for your personality and situation for maximum impact.

Upon graduation, you will earn the title of Blue Vase Hunter and be invited into the group.  This gets you access to events, motivational emails, and a letter of recommendation from our founder Brock Heath that can be used when needed in the future for jobs or school.

3. For Military Veterans

Welcome Warriors.  You are in the right spot.  In addition to all that you see listed in the Individuals version above, you will receive a signed copy of our founder's book "How to Succeed in the Civilian World, For Military Veterans," along with transition training, referrals to veteran support organizations that specialize in what you want to do (career, school, or start and grow a business).  You will receive one-on-one training on how to best work with civilians and how to help those around you better understand you as a veteran.  We also have a female veteran with two tours in Iraq to help work with lady veterans.

If needed, funding can be available through sponsorships especially designated for veterans to go through this program.  There are no excuses.  Become a Blue Vase Hunter and move life forward.