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"How to Succeed in the Civilian World, For Military Veterans"

"How to Succeed in the Civilian World, For Military Veterans" is written for service members preparing to make the transition to civilian life, and for those veterans who have already gone through the process and are ready to take life to the next level.
Written by our founder Brock Heath, a veteran who has discovered and documented the tactics for success in the 1st Civ Div, this is more than just motivation and inspiration.  Inside is an entire system for success, which includes the "Run the Gauntlet" challenge, suggested reading lists, a year-long association strategy, goal-card template, and 12 concrete Action Items proven to launch the reader towards the life that they want to live.
Brock Heath served in the Marine Corps Infantry and was deployed three times before transitioning back to the civilian world.  He is now a business owner, author, leadership instructor, and has spoken to thousands about his positive action-based system.
If you know any military veterans, get this book into their hands! The knowledge they will gain and the habits that are detailed here will allow them to hit their goals and take life to the next level.
Vets, the Action Items in this book are the same that Brock used to move forward after serving. Read this book; it will make a difference no matter what level you are at. Get this weapon up to your shoulder!
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News Coverage/Reviews
~ Brock had the exciting opportunity to be a guest on an episode of "Fire and Adjust," a nationwide podcast for veterans.  Listen to the interview and hear some of the thought process and Action Items in the book explained by the author himself!
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~ Dr. Jack London, Executive Chairman and Chairman of the Board of the global powerhouse CACI (and Navy carrier pilot assigned to Hunter-Killer teams during the Cold War), reviewed the book and congratulated Brock on creating "such a useful resource for our fine servicemen and women as they take the next step in their careers." 
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~ Vivian Blevins, Ph.D. is the past CEO of multiple colleges ranging from California to Kentucky.  She has extensive experience working with our returning veterans, and is the producer of  "Veterans Voices," a 20-part television series featuring veterans and their stories.  Her husband and two sons are veterans as well, which gives her a powerful understanding of what our vets go through and need as they make the transition.  She reviewed the book and had the following to say:
"My extensive training as a consultant for major U.S. telecom companies and my years developing curriculum and teaching at all levels, including graduate programs, tells me that what Brock Heath has prepared to assist those who have left the military to succeed in the civilian world is spot on.  The exercises are practical and easy to do, and the self-monitoring component is critical for persons committed to bringing about positive change in their lives. 
The conversational tone of the book from a Marine who understands the challenges and opportunities of military service is precisely what veterans need to hear.  They need an affirmation that their experiences in the military are valuable and can serve to catapult them into the civilian world as they make the necessary adaptations.  The "can do" attitude of the text coupled with Heath's own success story is inspirational."
~ Joe Cogliano, Head Writer for The Dayton Business Journal conducted a Q&A session with Brock about his book and advice for military members and veterans. 
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The positive news source interviewed Brock and sent this information out to their subscribers:
~ The Troy Daily News featured Brock and his book for veterans in a full-length front-page article recently.  Brock wrote about the experience in his blog here (photo):

~ The Troy Tribune covered Brock during his role as guest speaker for the City of Troy's 2015 Memorial Day ceremony and posted details on his book as well: