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"I would easily rate Brock as one of the best speakers our club has seen.  His topic was relevant, entertaining and inspirational.  In fact, he was so inspirational that some of our club members asked Brock to come and speak at their companies to motivate their own employees.  I would highly recommend Brock and Gauntlet Development to any group or business executives who are seeking to get to “the next level”. 
-Simon Patry, Partner, Dysinger & Patry law firm in Tipp City, OH
“Brock is an excellent presenter. He has great communication skills and really keeps the audience interested. His knowledge of the subject was superb and he was quite motivating. I would have him speak for my organization again.” 
-Dr.Wayne Essex, author and owner of Essex & Associates Accounting Firm in Dayton, OH
"Excellent presentation! Few public speakers carry such a relevant message. Not only does he motivate with a message of personal empowerment, but his marching orders are applicable long after. I highly recommend Brock as an expert in success"
-Sergeant Scott Rogers, US Army

In 2015, Brock was nominated for the coveted Dr. John C. Maxwell Leadership Award.  Nominees from across all of North America are then narrowed down to the Top 100 Leaders.  Through an extensive research process, Brock made that cut and is now recognized by one of the top leadership experts in the world (Dr. Maxwell) as a leader and positive influencer of extremely rare caliber. 

An opportunity to leave a comment was given for anyone that has been impacted by Brock, his teachings and his example.  Follow this link to read comments about Brock made by mayors, county treasurers, business owners, community members, friends, family, Marines he served with, and those who have gone through his training and have heard him speak. 

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